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  5. "I decided to forget, and be silent, as we used to do all that sad pale indifferent silence."
    — Ghada al-Samman (via nizariat)
  6. امين

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  9. middleeasternpoetry said: Greetings - love the Blog! Quick question if permissible. Do you have the Arabic words for this poem "You leave me and I wait for you, but you wait for those who don’t wait for you. You forget me and I remember you, but you remember those who don’t remember you. You love and I love you, but you love those who don’t love you." ...? (once again, fantastic blog)


    I couldn’t find the original text but I translated it to you. Here it is :

    تتركني فأنتظرك، لكنك تنتظر من لا ينتظرونك. تنساني فأتذكرك، لكنك تتذكر من لا يتذكرونك. تحب و أنا أحبك، لكنك تحب من لا يحبك.